Founded in 2004, entirely owned by Romanian private capital, SITAN GRUP operates particularly in two major areas namely:

  • Energy, Extractive and Natural Gas industry
  • Railway industry

Since one of SITAN GRUP’s core objectives is to permanently develop business and in order to meet the needs of its partners, SITAN GRUP is constantly assessing and selecting new suppliers and clients.

Company’s activities and the high level of quality in its operational processes are attested by the possession of the following certificates and approvals:

  • Certified ISO 9001: 2015, No. 4954

  • Certified ISO 14001: 2015, No. 1871
  • Railway Technical Approval”Commercialization of the New Critical Railway Products for Railway Infrastructure” No. AT 901/2011
  • Railway Technical Approval for “Supply of Parts, Components and Equipment used in the maintenance and repair of rolling stock” No. AT 744/2011

SITAN GRUP aims to become a trustworthy partner for all its customers, eager to find the optimal solution in any situation, thus exceeding the condition of a simple supplier.

Our experience

Oil & Gas major projects - 12 years
Energy industry - 12 years
Railway industry - 11 years
Consultancy - 10 years
Commerce - 10 years
Mining industry - 9 years
Automotive industry - 8 years

Our Partners