Given our major objective – meeting the needs of our partners in competitive conditions, we are constantly trying and succeeding to offer the optimal solutions suitable to any situation. Our offer includes:


  • Pumps used in industrial processes and energy industry
  • Pumps for irrigation works
  • Pumps for wastewater treatment
  • Pumps for transfer

Industrial valves

As a partner of most important European manufacturers, SITAN GRUP provides a wide range of valves with multiple industrial applications:
  • Closing valves with valve
  • Valves with drawer
  • Valves with sphere
  • Valves with clamp

Mobile hoists

  • For motor vehicles
  • For railway vehicles (trolley cars, subway, trucks, locomotives freight trains and passenger)
  • For lifting/ maintaining/ rotating/ lowering the subassemblies in the production processes

Drilling tools and equipment

  • Drill bits
  • Stabilizers
  • Drilling equipment

Other industrial products

  • Cooling and ventilation equipment (water cooling towers, closed/open circuit, evaporative or dry condensers, water chillers, heat exchangers, industrial fans etc.)
  • Filters, industrial filtration systems and components
  • Rubber products (hoses, plates etc.)
  • Winches, capstans, swing cranes
  • Measuring and control equipment
  • Sleepers, fine railway material, railway switches and crossings
  • Rolling stock, parts, components and equipment for rolling stock


Since 2016 SITAN GRUP has become the sole distributor in Romania for YTS – Japan membrane pneumatic pumps.

Our Partners


AMPLO S.A. - Ploiesti

Over 50 years experience in the production of measuring and automation devices for all industrial branches, including drilling – extraction.

HESPER – Bucharest





voestalpine VAE APCAROM SA – Buzau

Manufacturer of small material and railway track equipment used in goods and passenger transport, industrial and tram railway.

SITAN GRUP is the sole distributor of the manufacturer for Oltenia area.


AUTOLIFT GmbH – Austria

Manufacturer of lifting equipment used in automotive industry and railway industry.

Since 2013 SITAN GRUP is the sole distributor in Romania for AUTOLIFT GmbH.


ARAKO spol. s r.o. – Czech Republic

Manufacturer of industrial valves.

Since 2013 SITAN GRUP is the sole distributor in Romania for ARAKO spol. s r.o.

BULARMEX – IK – Bulgaria

Manufacturer of industrial valves.

Since 2016 SITAN GRUP is the sole distributor in Romania for BULARMEX.

ZAMKON – Poland

Manufacturer of industrial valves.

Since 2015 SITAN GRUP is the sole distributor in Romania for ZAMKON.


NiUW GLINIK – Poland

Manufacturer of tools and drilling equipment.

Since 2013 SITAN GRUP is the sole distributor in Romania for NiUW GLINIK.

YTS Co., Ltd. – Japan

Manufacturer of pneumatic pumps.